Software training

As a Rhinoceros plugin, the use of RhinoRobot requires a quick training.


For users wishing to use Rhinoceros only for RhinoRobot, while keeping their separate CAD software, we provide simplified one-day training, including:

  • Using Rhinoceros to import and position cells, tools and parts
  • The edition of curves, surfaces and meshes for use with RhinoRobot
  • Using RhinoRobot on real cases of trainees

We also provide in-depth Rhinoceros and Grasshopper training.


These courses, lasting several days, allow you to make Rhinoceros your main CAD tool, but also to go further with RhinoRobot through Grasshopper, developing specific strategies and capabilities. 

Robotics training

We provide training on Kuka robot and systems, for all levels, from starter to expert user.


The training sessions can be done on your own installation (KRC1, 2 or 4 axes with external or not), or on our mobile robot, in your premises or in ours.


According to your level and your needs, we can assist you in your integration of a robot, particularly on workflows incorporating the use of RhinoRobot for programming your paths.