We develop tailored software and plugins to answer your specific needs:

  • Standalone software, with specific ergonomics for your needs, responding to precise specifications
  • Rhinoceros and Grasshopper plugins, to meet the CAD power of Rhinoceros, while integrating custom functionality


RhinoRobot is a complete, affordable, and easy off-line programming and simulation plugin for Rhinoceros 3D, to handle all types of applications on industrial robots.

RhinoRobot is fully integrated to Rhinoceros 3D and uses its programming environment to provide a simple and clear interface.


CAD and offline robot programming are combined for easy interaction between virtual objects and manufacturing.

In addition to the potential of Rhinoceros, the current features of RhinoRobot are:

  • Choice of the robot from full range of Kuka, Universal Robots, ABB, Staubli, Yaskawa, Fanuc, ...
  • Import of the tool geometry and its tool center
  • Definition of tool path with management of different options and orientation: machining, welding, trimming, gluing, 3D printing, scanning, pick'n'place, water jet cutting, ...
  • Multi trajectories with saved combinations of dots and movements created on parts
  • Path simulation with visualization and management of singularities
  • Detection of collision and movement out of range
  • Changing the trajectory with points edition
  • Export program with integration of custom features
  • Programming with fixed tool 

Advanced communication functions with Universal Robots:

  • "Live" mode to simulate in real time the movement of the "real" robot in the virtual environment
  • Point probing with the "real" robot for record in Rhinoceros 

RhinoRobot being developed in Grasshopper, it is open to changes and adaptations. The user can use the editor to incorporate their own strategies.



Similarly, it is possible to see an additional robot brand supported by RhinoRobot on request.

RhinoRobot can be combined with other software and plugin like madCAM or RhinoCAM for CFAO, or RhinoSlic3r for 3D printing, as well as external software.


Contact us for specific gateways.


RhinoSlic3r is a Slic3r integration right into a Rhinoceros panel for G-code generation from Rhino object. 

  • RhinoSlic3r is a Slic3r integration right into a Rhinoceros panel for G-code generation from Rhino object. 
  • Use of provided Slic3r configuration files, your actual ones, or configuration of a new one for you 3d printer.
  • Direct selection of any Rhino solid or group of solids, the mesh is automatically produced using recommended settings. If you want custom mesh settings, select your custom meshed objects.
  • Reading and preview of the produced G-code files for pre printing control, and use as robot trajectory.
  • Reading and preview of any G-code file.

RhinoSlic3r is free, open-source, and still in development. It is provided as is and without any warranties.